Hands of the River
Lancaster, OH
Visit: handsoftheriver.com
Lindsay Williams, an Ohio native, has spent most of her life involved in ministry. Her early years were spent at the side of her parents as they were ministers of music and later as they were called to found a church, which they still pastor. From there her personal ministry began to blossom at age 10, as she joined, a small ministry in her church called Hands of the River- a sign-language and dance ministry. After being a member of this team for 12 years, God opened the door for her in 2008 to become the director of the team. Since then she has worked with this group of young people to teach and train them to lead God’s people into His presence through movement. Lindsay has been part of this ministry as they have ministered in nearly every denomination in their city as well as in the local prison. She has also served the team through two DVD productions.
In recent years, Lindsay has taken a more prominent role in music ministry leading praise and worship at her church, alongside her husband who plays the drums. She truly has a heart for praise and worship passionately believes that we, the people of God, are called to recover all that the devil has stolen from the church including the arts. She takes very seriously her role in seeing this restoration of God’s perfect Kingdom.


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